Player of the Season

2018-2019 Management Player of season Michael Pearson.
  Players Player Michael Pearson.
  Committee player Michael Pearson.
  Supporters Player Dan Capewell.
2017-2018 Management Player of season Dan Halliday
  Players Player Michael Hall
  Committee player Mark Fitzpatrick
2016-2017 Player of the season Dale Burrell
  Players  player Dale Burrell
  Committee player Dale Burrell
2015-2016 Player of the season Michael Pearson
  Players Player Dan Smith
2014-2015 Player of the season Luke Gilhespy
  Players player Dale Burrell
2013-2014 Player of the season Ben Cattanach
  Players player Lee McAndew
2012-2013 Player of the season Michael Dixon
  Players player Dale Burrell
2011-2012 Player of the season Chris Swailes
  Players player Chis Swailes
2010-2011 Players of the season Lee McAndrew
  Players player Andrew Bulford